Pay as you Use - Remove need for In House Server expense. . Business Accounting Systems, Web Site, Email Management, Doc Sharing, Online Meeting ...

Whether you are a small business owner/manager or a corporate line of business manager you are cost conscious in the delivery & management of your products or services.

You are aware of functional advantage through the application of information technologies. You seek the way through the choices to a cost effective, efficient and secure business IT path & delivery platform ranging from the desktop to managed services in "the Cloud".

Our background includes such major IT service companies as IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Sybiz and MYOB that have provided the platform, solution and delivery to customers over the decades. They are all fast adapting to The Cloud which delivers IT services as a business Utility, just as power and water. It is such a break through.

Where possible GroupTech are utilising low cost Cloud products to display their capability.

GroupTech searches for, and walks the path, that best fits your needs.

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  • IT as a utility : turn IT On and Off

    17 October at 15:56 from atlas

    The Cloud technologies offer smart business the opportunity to extend and save. ...


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