• IT as a utility : turn IT On and Off

    17 October at 15:56 from atlas

    The Cloud technologies offer smart business the opportunity to extend and save.

    For example Start Up businesses can immediately attain an online presence using this free service offered by MYOB Australia and Google.

    They can as well sign up and implement a core accounting system using secure Cloud Technology, or utility.

    Established businesses can review the expense associated with running high maintenance , high capacity Server(s) and associated support costs.

    By using Cloud based messaging systems businesses that see value in connecting with key business partners ( contractors, remote / traveling employees, collaborative teams..) via secure document sharing and / or meeting spaces can do so without the direct expense of in-house implementations. These services are based on a fixed term monthly operational charge from as low as $10 per user per month.

    With access to the services charged by user by month, capacity can be scaled up or down according to business requirements.

    There are business solutions based on major IT innovators such as IBM (Lotus), Microsoft, MYOB and Google, to name a few.

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